Sunday, August 24, 2014

Monica for #AJPlus fellowship

Reasons I belong to the #AJPlus team

#1 Journalism and Communications Graduate

#2 Social Media Guru

#3 Passionate Journalist 

Reporting from the State Department
Reporting on Solar power in Egypt.  The White Desert, Wahat Bahriya.

Interviewing a prominent Lebanese Band, Mashou' Leila

Reported White House ceremonies.

#4 World Traveler 


Washington DC

And Finally, Beirut

Monica for AJPlus Fellowship

Ever since I announced I am applying for the AJPlus fellowship, I received an overwhelming amount of support from friends and coworkers who believed in me and my abilities to fill this exciting post at the AJPlus, covering the MENA region.

Mina Fayek, Egyptian columnist. Contributor for: Open Democracy, Muftah Magazine and blogger since 2006.

Hashin Abdel Hamid, Editor at Middle East Center for Media Studies 

Rania ElMofty, Software developer.

Nayera Yasser, Blogger and Fashion Editor.